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Survey on stationery, household items and traditional crafts


We are planning Japanese and English articles about Japanese stationery, household items and traditional crafts, and are looking for people to help us with this survey.

Your survey answers will help us make the articles more interesting, insightful, and accurate. Opinions and other information shared in your survey answers may be used in the articles, but no personally identifying information will be included.

As a thank-you, survey respondents will receive a 500 JPY gift card for Amazon Japan, to be emailed shortly after the end of the survey period.

Application deadline: Thursday, January 27

Survey deadline: Applicants will be selected within a week of the end of the application period, and will be notified of the deadline together with the link to the survey. (The deadline will be set to approximately one week after this notification.)

Finally: If you would be interested in helping to write an English article about the results of this survey, please let us know in your application, and be sure you have included any relevant writing experience in your Japan Spark profile information.

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