TSS-TV Co., Ltd

Japan in Motion Video Project Part 1: “Japan Firsts”


Looking for original videos about the Japan you love! 

Project Overview

We are looking for people who can make videos to show off things in Japan you love to an overseas audience.

The best entries will be posted to the Japan in Motion Direct YouTube channel, and if your entry is selected you’ll receive a ¥5000 gift card. We also plan to start a closed group, and participants who make our favorite videos will be invited to join! We look forward to seeing your great video content promoting Japan and hope you will apply!

What is Japan in Motion?

Japan in Motion is a TV program that airs in France and a number of countries in Asia, introducing some of Japan’s great places to visit. It is run by the Hiroshima broadcasting company TSS and began in 2009.

Japan in Motion Japanese website: https://www.tss-tv.co.jp/jim/
Japan in Motion YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/tvjimfr

Company Information

Name: TSS-TV Co., Ltd
Based in Hiroshima Prefecture, TSS-TV is a Fuji TV -affiliated television station that was started in 1975.
Japanese website: https://www.tss-tv.co.jp/


Theme for Part 1 of this project: “Japan Firsts” – Use video to show something you or a friend tried or experienced in Japan for the first time, be it something from Japanese cuisine, a distinctively Japanese activity, an amazing location in Japan, or other interesting Japanese experience.

Application Period

April 19 – December 31, 2021 (subject to change)


5,000 JPY gift card for Amazon Japan 

Announcement of selected videos

Successful candidates will be contacted by email by January 15, 2022.

Number of selected videos

5–10 (subject to change)

How to Apply

Press the Apply button at the bottom of this page and fill out the application form to join this project. Once you are a project member, use the mail function on the page for this project to apply. You can make more than one submission.

Question to answer when applying

What kind of role in this project do you think would suit you best? (Shooting and video production / researching content for an overseas audience / Japan in Motion program ideas, etc.)

If you haven’t done so already, please fill out your Japan Spark profile with relevant details on your experience with video production, photography, social media promotion / experience as an influencer, writing, translation, and any experience in the tourism industry.


  • The content you submit must be content that you yourself have created.
  • Videos that are selected may be processed or edited, and in addition to being published on the Japan in Motion official YouTube channel, may be used for secondary use.
  • If your video is selected, we will ask that you provide a thumbnail image of the appropriate format and write up a description of your video.
  • Video Specifications
    • Language: English
    • Video content: The video must conform to the theme/topic specified, and should be filmed with either you or someone else appearing/performing in the video.
    • At the beginning of the video, you (or whoever is appearing in and narrating the video) should look into the camera and say “Japan in Motion!” as an announcement before you begin with the rest of your video. Wait about 1-2 seconds after saying this before continuing. An example for reference is here:
    • Length: Between 3 and 6 minutes
    • File size: max 400MB
    • Format: MP4 container (.mp4 file extension); 1080p quality; 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Except for things you have created yourself, please refrain from using music or sound effects in your video.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that fonts used for any text used in the video are licensed for use in broadcast media, streaming, and all other uses (including commercial use), and you must bear any financial cost incurred through the use of fonts. modelcase, Inc. shall not be liable for any problems that arise due to font licensing issues.
  • Entries must not have been previously published to YouTube or any other media platform.
  • You will not receive remuneration for any YouTube ad revenue generated from the video you produced.
  • We cannot respond to requests to delete or return content that has been submitted.
  • Data submitted may not necessarily be selected for use. Notification regarding its selection or lack thereof, and reasons for any data being selected or not will not be given. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Any data transmission costs required for submitting content or viewing this website are to be borne by the project participant.
  • Because a large amount of data transmission is required for video submissions, please use a flat-rate data plan or Wi-Fi when submitting content.
  • Content that contains errors or omissions, or false or misleading statements, will be disqualified from selection.
  • This project may be modified, canceled, or ended without prior notice.

Any person who applies to this project and submits a video or videos (referred to as “Videographer” below) must consent to the terms stated in modelcase, Inc.’s application agreement listed below (referred to as “Terms” below). By selecting “I agree to the Terms” on the page for submitting a video, you agree and consent to the terms stipulated in this agreement.

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to send us an email at support@japanspark.com.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following project agreement carefully, and apply to the project if you consent to the terms.

1. Any person who submits a video for this project (hereinafter referred to as “Videographer”) shall commit to and guarantee the following matters for any videos thus submitted (hereinafter referred to as “Video(s)”).

(1) The Videographer has sole ownership of the copyright, complete and without limitations, to the Video(s) they submit.
(2) If the shoot location for the Video(s) is owned or managed by a third party, the Videographer must obtain the consent of the relevant third party regarding the conditions stipulated in these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”).
(3) If the Video(s) shows a third party other than the Videographer, the Videographer must obtain the consent of the relevant third party regarding the conditions stipulated in these Terms.
(4) The Video(s) must not contain any obscene, violent, discriminatory, harassing, threatening, defamatory, libelous, or abusive content, or any falsehoods or misinformation.
(5) All rights handling required by these Terms in regard to the use of the Video(s), for musical works, records, movie works, and all other content included in the Video(s), must be carried out by the Videographer.
(6) The Video(s) and all content contained therein must not violate the rights or interests guaranteed by law (including, but not limited to, copyrights, neighboring rights, moral rights of authors, rights to usage of one‘s likeness, publicity rights, and rights concerning prestige or privacy).
(7) Contractual relationships or legal relationships between third parties that interfere with compliance with these Terms shall not exist, and modelcase, Inc. or someone designated by modelcase, Inc. shall not receive claims from any third party regarding use of the Video(s) as permitted by these Terms.
(8) In addition, the shooting, creation or use of the Video(s) must not violate any country’s laws, or encourage violation of any country’s laws.

2. The Videographer shall authorize modelcase, Inc. in the manner outlined in the following items, without limitation of geographic region, period of time, or frequency. Furthermore, the Videographer agrees to modelcase, Inc.’s sublicensing to TSS-TV Co., Ltd or a third party authorized by TSS-TV Co., Ltd. The Videographer shall not exercise the Videographer’s moral rights of authorship or performer’s rights, or allow a third party to exercise such rights, in relation to matters permitted under this section.

(1) To download, copy, and edit (including, but not limited to, cutting out parts and/or combining with other images or video) at the discretion of modelcase, Inc. or a person designated by modelcase, Inc., translate (dubbing or showing subtitles, etc., in any language), and otherwise adapt the Video(s).
(2) To use the Video(s), adaption(s) of the Video(s), and content included in such Video(s) in any media or context (including broadcasts, Internet broadcasts, and all other contexts of use that currently exist or are developed in the future).


3. The Videographer agrees to the following terms regarding personal information provided to modelcase, Inc. by the Videographer at the time of application:

(1) Personal information provided will be used for purposes related to matters permitted by these Terms. Other personal information provided to modelcase, Inc. by the Videographer will be handled according to the privacy policy at https://jobs.japanspark.com/privacy
(2) modelcase, Inc. and TSS-TV Co., Ltd shall use information required for editing, advertising, publicity, and sales, etc. of the Video(s), and TSS-TV Co., Ltd shall provide use to permitted third parties.
(3) In the case that a dispute arises, such as if a third party demands compensation for copyright infringement, modelcase, Inc. and TSS-TV Co., Ltd will disclose information requested by the third party (including personal information of the Videographer and any other parties concerned with the Video(s)) to the third party.

4. If the Videographer is a minor, at the time of application to this project the Videographer must obtain the consent of a person who has parental authority. If a person appearing in the submitted Video(s) is a minor, authorization from that person’s parent or legal guardian must be obtained.

5. In the case that there is any dispute with a third party in relation to the Video(s), the Videographer must settle the matter at the Videographer’s own expense and liability. 

6. The sending or submission of malware to Japan Spark, sending or submission of email, etc., that contains malware, or unauthorized access of system devices related to Japan Spark is prohibited.

7. You affirm that you are not affiliated with any violent organization, member of a violent organization, corporate racketeers, or other anti-social forces or groups, and commit that you will not be in the future.

8. Japanese law shall be the governing law concerning the Video(s), these Terms, and any matters arising in relation to these, and in the case that an attempt to resolve a dispute in relation to the Video(s), these Terms, or any matters arising in relation to these is made in court, the Tokyo District Court of Japan shall be the exclusive agreed jurisdictional court.

9. modelcase, Inc. may revise these Terms arbitrarily, and such revisions shall take effect when they are posted to the Japan Spark website. In such a case, the Videographer shall adhere to the revised terms, including for works submitted in the past.

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